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Kylie's Genes

1 October 2014 - 5:13:17am

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Alcorn, James Alexander James Alexanderabout October 194173Event 
Bodger, George George1 October 1848166Birth 
Bollen, Kathleen KathleenOctober 200410Death 
Bray, Maria Maria1 October 1888126Religion 
Buckley, Doris Amelia Sarah Doris Amelia Sarah1 October 1906108Birth 
Crowhurst, James
Verrall, Caroline
JamesOctober 1843171Marriage 
Edwards, Martha Maria Martha Maria1 October 1860154Birth 
Ferguson, Mena Lorraine Mena LorraineOctober 198925Death 
Hack, Francis FrancisOctober 1843171Birth 
Heeps, George Ephraim George Ephraim1 October 1856158Birth 
Heeps, Nina Grace Lambert Nina Grace LambertOctober 197044Death 
Hickman, Lemuel LemuelOctober 1798216Birth 
Johns, Arthur Lesley Arthur Lesley1 October 1894120Birth 
Lambert, Eliza Hannah Eliza HannahOctober 1854160Immigration 
Lee, Darcy George Darcy George1 October 195856Death 
Reid, Jessie Anderson Jessie AndersonOctober 1878136Birth 
Reid, John
Curr, Mary Taylor
JohnOctober 1877137Marriage 
Savage, George George1 October 1865149Death 
Sedgwick, George GeorgeOctober 1854160Immigration 
Sedgwick, Sarah Jane Sarah JaneOctober 1854160Immigration 
Squire, Mary MaryOctober 1892122Occupation 
Tibbatts, Leslie LeslieOctober 199420Death 
Tibbatts, Richard RichardOctober 1752262Birth 
Tibbatts, Richard
Lewis, Mary
RichardOctober 1780234Marriage 
Tibbatts, Robert Johnstone Robert JohnstoneOctober 199024Death 
Tregeagle, Jesse Roy Jesse Roy1 October 194371Death 
Tyrrell, Elizabeth Ann Elizabeth AnnOctober 193183Religion 
Wigley, Eleanor Jane Eleanor Jane1 October 1885129Birth 
Wigley, James JamesOctober 1828186Death 
Willison, Alexander Alexander1 October 1859155Birth 
‎(unknown)‎, ‎(unknown)‎?
Lewis, Mary
(unknown)October 1780234Marriage 

Total events: 31
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